About Us

About us
Not the largest names in Web companies but we believe the best
We are a small company. Well we couldn’t be smaller with just me doing all the work. I am Phil Clucas and I have a background in IT going back some 20 years. I have worked in education for over 30 years  and I am largely self-taught, but I learn quickly. I am not a whizzo new  young graduate who flits here there and everywhere believing he is invincible and that I can put the universe ‘Right’, I stick to the world.  I am a graduate with integrity & experience.


Integrity built in
Personal & friendly service
I am a graduate who brings integrity, personal service, openness and honesty to all my dealings. I am not a cowboy ‘cos "It’s hard being a cow-boy in Rochdale ‘cos the spurs don’t fit right on y’er clogs", to quote Mike Harding. Though not from Rochdale – Burnley actually – I do retain that friendly, loyal, independent self-reliant persona which Lancastrians are born and brought up with.

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